(Car jacking in Calexico, ends in El Centro)....The car jacking occurred on June 8th.

The Imperial County Narcotics Task Force found the car jacked vehicle, a red 1999 Isuzu Rodeo, in the 2000 block of South Fourth Street in El Centro. The NTF notified El Centro Police that the suspect had entered the vehicle and was driving west on Smoketree from Fourth Street. The suspect was identified as 27 year old Jesus Diaz of Calexico. El Centro Police found the vehicle and began following it. The suspect apparently noticed the police were behind him and he sped away. Police pursued the suspect vehicle until it finally pulled over near 2nd Street and Smoketree. The suspect fled on foot. Police found him and placed him under arrest. Diaz was taken to jail, charged with felony carjacking, felony evading and resisting arrest.