(IID is reminding their customers)....Do not release Mylar Balloons outside.

The reminder is the result of recent power outages caused by metallic Balloons. The Imperial Irrigation District says since the start of the year, balloons made of Mylar have caused about 50 power outages throughout the IID service area. They say the metallic coating on the balloons conduct electricity and can cause a short circuit or power surge when in contact with power lines and can lead to large-scale power outages, melting of electrical wires and fires, leading to possible injury and property damage.. The District suggests never releasing Mylar Balloons outside. Keep Mylar Balloons away from power lines. Use balloon weights. Never use metallic ribbon with metallic balloons and always deflate metallic Balloons and dispose of them properly when no longer in use. They suggest if you see a Mylar Balloon in contact withg a power line, stay at least 20 feet away and report it to the IID.