(Supervisors begin piecing together a cannabis ordinance)….The Ordinance covers the Adult Use of Marijuana, as approved by state voters last November.

Tuesday the Board spent a long time going over issues to be included in the local ordinance. The county will allow five virtual dispensaries with five delivery services spread around the county. The buildings must be unmarked. Recreational purchases must be delivered. Private growing of marijuana must follow state law. Permitting standards will be the same as those already in place for other products. Industrial hemp will be under the control of the Ag Commissioner. The state regulations on adult recreational use of marijuana go into effect January 1st, 2018. The County ordinance goes into effect at the same time. A ballot measure on imposing a tax on the cultivation, sale, delivery and other cannabis related activities within the Imperial County will be on the June,2018 ballot. The first reading of the ordinance was waived. The county officials said the new ordinance would be made public, allowing residence to comment before the second reading. The ordinance needs two approved readings before it becomes law.