(IID to adopt a new payment plan)...It has been approved and will be implemented in February.

The IID says with the intent of continuing to assist customers during the unprecedented pandemic, while at the same time protecting the financial health of the local, not for profit utility, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors approved implementing a multi-faceted payment plan for customers who have fallen behind on their electric bills. General Manager of the IID Henry Martinez says the goal is to continue to assist their customers, to keep the lights on in these difficult and unprecedented times, while also protecting the financial health of the district so that the IID can continue to be able to provide essential services. Starting February 17, customers with past due balances of $50 or more will be automatically enrolled in an 8 month or 12 month payment plan for utility debt accrued through December 31, 2020. Customers currently on an energy assistance program or that provide a COVID 19 declaration of financial hardship will be enrolled in the 12 month plan. Customers who are not experiencing a financial hardship will be put in the 8 month plan. Go to the IID website for more details on the plan