(Chevron makes a donation)...The City of Brawley announced the donation of $300,000 from Chevron USA, Inc.

to support needed repairs to the Lions Center. The Lions Center fulfills an important role to sustain the health and welfare of the community in Brawley. As the primary center for recreation activities and social events, it serves all sectors of the community, from youth to seniors, for sports, community gatherings and social activities. Brawley Mayor Kastner Jauregui says they appreciate Chevron's Donation to help them continue to meet the commitment to provide the residents of Brawley with a safe environment in which to experience a variety of recreational opportunities. She said this gerous contribution will help expedite the serily needed repairs of the Lions Center roof. The Chevron donation is in two parts. $150,000 is being donated this month and another $150,000 will be donated in 2021.