(CHP Progtam)...It is directed towards seniors.

As the number of older drivers continues to grow, the California Highway Patrol says they are determined to help them maintain their driving indepndence for as long as they can safely drive. Through the support of a yearlong federal grant, Keeping Everyone Safe, or KEYS, the CHP will continue its traffic safety program that places an emphasis on roadway safety and mobility for California's seniors. The over-all goal of the gfrant-funded Age Well, Drive Smart program is to reduce the number of fatal and injury crashes caused by drivers aged 65 and older. The program focuses on safe driving practices and current California driving laws. The curriculum also addresses the physical and mental changes associated with aging that can affect a person's driving skills, while offering possible corrective options. To attend a free, two-hour Age Well, Drive Safe class, contact the nearest CHP area office. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, online courses may be available.