(Saturday update)….It was issued at 11:15 Saturday morning.

According to the County Public Health Department, 8,023 patients have been tested for COVID 19. 1,145 tested positive. 500 have recovered. The death toll remains at 23. There are currently 622 active cases of COVID 19 in Imperial County. 357 cases have been reported in Calexico, 319 in El Centro, 217 in Brawley and 105 in Imperial. Broken down by age groups; 0-9 years of age there have been 42 cases; 80 cases have been reported in the10-19 age group; 216 cases have been reported in the 20-29 years of age group; In the 30-39 years of age group there have been 223 cases; 40-49 group has 195 cases; 173 cases have been reported in the 50-59 group; 117 cases in the 60-69 age group; 72 for the 70-79 age group; There have been 21 cases in the 80-89 age group; for those 90 and over there have been 6 cases.