(IID approves revised plan)...It is the revised Equitable Distribution Plan.

The plan allows the District to better control the distribution of the Colorado River Allotment. The District says the plan provides a means for Imperial Valley growers to be able to continue their work to meet the nation's food supply needs, within the IID's available water supply, while supporting the river. The revised Equitable Distribution Plan was adopted by the IID Board at their meeting Tuesday, following five workshops and stakeholder input. The plan uses a hybrid apportionment methodology to calculate each agricultural field apportionment for the year, with mid-year implementation, but retroactive to January 1, 2022. The new EDP provides agricultural water users over 97% of IID's Apportioned supplies using a calculation based on both straight line and modified historical use average components. The plan authorizes a clearinghouse as a mechanism to transfer water supplies among water users.