(California's prposed Budget)...Governor Newsom revealed the proposed budget earlier this week.

He dubbed the proposal the California Blueprint. The Blueprint proposes billions to support the state's response to COVID 19 and nation leading efforts to address climate change, inequalities, and homelessness. To address the threat of climate change, the Blueprint plans to forge an oil-free future that directly relates to Lithium Valley in the Imperial County. Specifically, The Blueprint states the State Administration wilol work with the Legislature, the Lithium Valley Commission, and county and community partners to develop a model for revenue sharing and a fund that benefits Californians, and simplify maintaining high environmental standards that protects the surrounding communities. By regulating lithium extraction, the State will work with industry and community members to provide high paying jobs, and expand economic opportunity to the Salton Sea community. Jesus Escobar, Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, says the County applauds the Governor's Blueprint as it sets in place the important role Lithium Valley will play in the State's and County's Future. He said as the Imperial County continues to be a leader of renewable energy production, the Board of Supervisors are committed in providing any support and assistance to continue this momentum to bring jobs and opportunities to the residents of this County.