A Brawley man was arrested shortly after he allegedly robbed a La Mesa bank.

San Diego media said that Amir Shakir Daniels, 36, was arrested by La Mesa Police officers Tuesday morning. He is suspected of robbing the La Mesa branch of Bank of the West. He is also a suspect in the Monday morning robbery of the Sun Community Federal Credit Union branch in Holtville. 

Monday morning at about 11:00 a.m. a man entered the Holtville bank and demanded money from a teller. The suspect then walked out of the bank and disappeared. On Tuesday morning, a man entered the La Mesa bank and demanded money from several tellers and, after getting the cash, the suspect walked out of the bank and headed towards the Grossmont Center Mall. La Mesa Police located Daniels at the shopping center and were able to take him into custody. Daniels was arrested and booked into San Diego County Jail where he awaits arraignment.