(Phase one of the Hell's Kitchen Lithium and Power Project)....It is a Controlled Thermal Resources Project.

Drilling has commenced, initiating the first phase of the project. Hell's Kitchen is the first geothermal project to be built at the Salton Sea in ten years and is the world's first, fully integrated, new geothermal-lithium facility to commence construction. Drilling of the first two wells represent an important milestone for the company and for Imperial County, where geothermal plants at the Salton Sea have produced around 450 megawatts of renewable energy for decades. Controlled Thermal Resources Chief Executive Officer Rod Colwell says they are very pleased to kick start their drilling program and they are on schedule to deliver the project's first 50 megawatts of baseload renewable power in late 2023 and an estimated 20,000 tons of lithium hydroxide in 2024.