(County Board Meets Tuesday)....The Supervisors begin their meeting in Closed session.

Following that, they go into Publis Session. The Supervisors will be asked to declare November 28 through December 4 as Farmworker Appreciation Week. The annual event is traditional capped with a special Farmworker Breakfast. On theor action agenda, the Board will be asked to fill several positions at the Behavioral Health Department, both budgeted positions and 9 others funded through grants. The Board will then adjourn as the Board of Supervisors and reconvene as the Country Club Sewer Maintenance District. They will discuss the Sewer System Management Plan. The Board will then adjourn as the Country Club Sewer Maintenance District and reconvene as Gateway of the Americas CSA Board of Directors. They will discuss actions at the Gateway County Service Area with Public Works Director John Gay. They will then adjourn as the Gateway Board and reconvene as the Board of Supervisors. The County Suggests the meeting be viewed via Live Stream, available at the County website. Thoise who do attend in person, will be asked to observe social distancing of six feet, and wear a facemask.