(Webinar to cover COVID 19 Response)...The Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation will host the webinar Monday.

It starts at 10 am. The webinar will be with Imperial Valley non-profits and funders of the Imperial County COVID 19 Responce Fund to discuss the path from emergency responce to community resiliency for the next emergency. Speakers at the webinar include County Executive Officer Tony Rouhotas Jr., Dr. Adolphe Edward Ceo of El Centro Regional Medical Center, Sara Griffen, Executive Director of the Imperial Valley Food Bank, Jessica Solorio, President of Spread the Love Charity, Carol Pert5owski, Associate Vice President for Systems Integration/COVID CDC Foundation Responce, Kara Carter, Senior Vice President Strategy and Programs California Health Care Foundation and Roque Barros, Executive Director, Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation. For more information, go to the Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation website.