(COVID 19 update)....The numbers continue to fluctuate.

They are released by the County Public Health Department. The latest numbers were released Tuesday morning. According to the new numbers, active cases of COVID 19 in Imperial County are at 435, up from the previous report. Deaths attributed to the virus have also increased. They are now at 762, up from 757 reported last week. There are 19 COVID positive patients hospitalized in Imperial County. Four of those are in Intensive Care. According to the State Tier Metrics for Imperial County, the positivity rate, 7 day average is at 11.1%. New cases per day per 100,000 population are at 22.60. The most prominent variant of COVID 19 is still the Delta Variant. The latest numbers indicate there have been 378 cases of the Delta Variant recorded in Imperial County. Vaccinations are considered the best deterrent for serious COVID illness or deatth. The tot5al number of COVID 19 vaccine doses administered in Imperial Couynty are now at 264,889.