(APCD approves agreement)...The Board of Supervisors also sit as the Air Pollution Control District.

They recently approved an agreement with Sonoma Technology for carrying out the New River Pollutant Monitoring Project in Calexico, in an amount not to exceed $335,322. The project will assist the County APCD in satisfying a key goal of its community Air Monitoring Plan for the AB 617 Program Community Corridor of El Centro-Heber-Calexico and was recommended by the AB 617 Steering Committee. The project will collect high quality measurements of various air pollutants for a duration of six months at one location within Calexico in proximity of the New River. Sonoma will also perform data analysis, draft a final report and present a summary of findings to the St\eering Committee. Tghe next step will be determined by the results of the findings.