(Vaccinations open to almost everyone)...California has opened vaccination eligibility.

Beginning this week, everyone 16 years of age and older are eligible to recieve a COVID 19 vaccination in California. To find out where vaccines are available go to vaccinefinder.org. Calexico currently leads the way for thos fully vaccinated in Imperial County. 9,724 border city rersidents are fully vaccinated. El centro follows with 9,396. Brawley has 5,003 residents fully vaccinated, followed by Imperial with 4,134. Those are the top four cities in the county. The County Public Health Department says there are currently 236 active cases of COVID 19 in the county. Deaths attributed to the virus are now at 714. There are 16 COVID 19 patients hospitalized in the county. 8 COVID 19 patients are in Intensive Care countywide. There are 2 ICU beds available in the county.