(Father and child rescued)...It happened Monday evening.

Yuma Sector Border Patrol says a 23 year old man strapped his 2 year old son to his back and entered the Salinity Canal. They were quickly swept away by the strong current. Video surveillance viewed the incident and Border Patol agents were alerted. An air interdiction agent in a helicopter spotted the man and the child in the canal. He landed the helicopter and began throwing a rescue line to the man. Because of the fast moving current, the man was unable to catch the line. Border Patrol agnts and local citizens arrived and they too began throwing rescue lines to the man. A Yuma station agent removed his uniform and jumped into the canal with a rescue line. They were able to pull the agnt and the child to safety. The group was then able to pull the father to safety, as well. The father and child were transported to Yuma Regional Medical center where the child was treated for hypothermia. The two were then rleased to the Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents for processing.