(Increase in illegal border crossers)...It is being reported by the Yuma Sector Border Patrol.

The increase is not from Illegal entrants from Mexico or any Central or South American Countries. The increased number of illegal border crossers are from the countries of Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. The report says some of the illegal border crossers say they are coming to the United States looking for work. Most, however, are saying they are crossing the border illegally into the US out of fear. Fear of persecution or torture because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Others fear persecution because of sexual orientation. One of the largest problems for Border Patrol agents is communication. For the most part, the agents are spanish/english bilingual, but very few are fluent in any other languages. For the most part, the agents use a telephonic translation service. The Border Patrol's main goal is protection from terrorism or other violent threat to the country. They must interrogate every illegal immigrant they find to determine the purpose of their crossing the border illegally. Many ilegal crossers are also from China, Nepal, Ghana, Russia and India.