(COVID plan for upcoming Gymkhana)...It will be held January 23rd.

It is the Barbara Worth Brigadettes Gymkhana. It will be held at the Flying Dove Ranch 2122 Holton Road in Holtville. Events include Barrel Race, Fox and Hound, Keyhole, Ribbon Race, Washington Poles, Goat Tying and Apple race for those 8 and under. Buckles will be given to High Point riders in each age group. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. A Jackpot for team events. To comply with COVID restrictions, all those not mounted on a horse must wear a mask. Food and drinks will not be provided. Those mounted on a horse will not be required to wear a mask. Sign-ups at 8:00 am. Events start at 9:00 am. All attendees are asked to bring donation items for the local pet rescue organizations