(Vigil for the Homeless)…It was held Wednesday night in Calexico.

The Vigil was hosted by the Brown Bag Coalition. The Coalition in Calexico provides meals and other services to the Homeless in the Border City. The Vigil Wednesday was held in a parking lot at the corner of Heber Avenue and 3rd Street. It was to remember 3 homeless men who lost their lives in Calexico. 70-year-old Gilbert Aguilar died from the heat last week. Jose Valle suffered fatal injuries after being struck by a vehicle as he crossed a street. Alexander Joseph Rodriguez, a military veteran was killed after being run over by a vehicle as he slept. The Coalition said the vigil also promoted the need for the City to take Homelessness seriously. They said the city needs a shelter/cool center to keep the homeless off the street, away from the extreme elements. And they need a source for meals for those who cannot provide for themselves. City Councilman Bill Hodge attended the event and said he was going to help back the concerns of the Coalition.