(General Election update)...New numbers for the November 3rd election.

The update has not changed any of the races. It has, however, mad one race very close. In the race for Heber Elementary School District Trustees, two seat are on th ballot. Pompeyo Tabarez leads the rac with 556 votes. In second plac is Claudette J. Miranda with 483 votes, but right behind her is Helen Diaz Molina with 480 votes, trailing Miranda by just 3 votes. The Imperial County Registrar of Voters office estimates there are approximately 4,100 unprocessd vote by mail and 7,000provisional ballots remaining to be tallied. The Registrars office anticipates receiving additional vote by mail ballots that were postmarked by Novembr 3rd, 2020 and/or deposited to outside counties.