(CBP officers help deliver a baby)….Two days later, they saved a man from dying.

Early Saturday morning a 24 year old pregnant woman drove up to the San Luis Port of Entry, along with her mother. The 24 year old was in Labor, and her mother asked for medical assistance. Emergency Medical Personnel were called, but the baby would not wait. A CBP officer, who was also a trained EMT, delivered the baby boy, along with other assisting officers. The Ambulance arrived in time to transport the woman and her new born to the Hospital. Two days later a 32 year old man drove up to the port. His 27 year old brother was in the passenger seat, unresponsive. The driver told officers his brother had been taking drugs and was not feeling well. A CBP officer administered a medication designed to rapidly reverse an opioid overdose. He was given additional care until he could be transported to a nearby hospital.