(Capacity Building Training Awards)…They were announced by the local Health Authority Commission.

The awards are going to nine local non-profits. The non-profit organizations will be participating in the capacity building training for local non-profits. The goal of the training is to strengthen organizational ability to identify root causes of community health issues, enhance organizational ability to sustain funding, and cultivate empowering work environments and successful partnerships. The training will be led by Environmental Financing Center West, an organization dedicated to empowering vulnerable populations and building community capacity internationally. Those invited to participate in the training include; Children’s Foundation of the Imperial Valley, Imperial Valley LGBT Resource Center, Spread the Love Charity, University of California Desert Research and Extension Center, Imperial Valley Food Bank, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Imperial County, Calexico Wellness Center, Between Women (Imperial Valley Cancer Support Center), and the Sure Helpline Center. Each non-profit will also receive up to $10,000 for their participation.