(Excessive Heat Warning extended)….It is now in effect through Friday evening.

The National Weather Service says the hottest days will be Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures Friday are now predicted at between 111 to 115 degrees. Wednesday and Thursday temperatures could range between 115 to 117 degrees. Temperatures will cool down slightly over the weekend, but the National Weather Service says excessive heat will return as early as Monday. They say precautions should be taken to prepare for a prolonged period of extreme heat. It is recommended that residents stay indoors in an air conditioned structure as much as possible. Know where the Cool Centers are if you need to go outdoors. Drink plenty of liquids, avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Wear loose fitting, light clothing, with a wide brimmed hat. Take frequent breaks in the shade, if you are working outdoors. Never, ever leave a child, elderly person or pets in a vehicle for any reason for any amount of time. And check on neighbors, especially if they are on medication, are elderly or there are small children