(The D.A. can fill a vacancy)…It took a couple months to finally get approval.

The District Attorney’s office lost their Administrative Secretary to promotion. She became a Parole Officer. In June The D.A.’s Office submitted the Requisition for Personnel to fill the vacancy in June. Human Resources sent the requisition to the finance committee. The committee rejected the requisition in July. Debra Owen, Assistant District Attorney, went before the Board of Supervisors Tuesday to argue the need for an Administrative Secretary. She said the position had an essential and important function within the District Attorney’s Office. In addition to perform complex secretarial duties in support of the overall function of the department, the Administrative Secretary is responsible for the monthly State Prison claims, which as of July 15, 2019, had generated over $553,000 in revenue for the District Attorney General Fund. The Supervisors agreed the position could be filled, with the caveat that priority consideration be given to applicants currently working for the County. Owen agreed.