(County Board of Supervisors Tuesday meeting)…The Board goes into Public Session at 10:00 am.

They will begin the Public Session by adopting a resolution honoring The Boyce Aten American Legion Post 25 on its 100th Anniversary. The Board is to receive the regular workforce report from Human Resources. Public Health Department Director Robin Hodgkin will seek Board approval to implement a Home Visiting Initiative from the California Department of Social Services, an MOU and Data Sharing agreement with the Imperial County Department of Social Services and the CDSS. She will also seek to fund additional allocations, including one Health Promotion Manager, Limited term, One Program Supervisor 1, limited term, Two case management Technicians, limited Term, and a limited term office technician. The Board will also hold a Public Hearing to discuss the Imperial Center Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District issues. Another Public Hearing will be to discuss the Moila Brothers Cattle Feeders Zone Change.