(Six month investigation is now done)….El Centro Police Chief Eddie Madueno made the announcement.

The investigation was into the arrest of Elizardo Saenz. On November 15, 2016 El Centro Police received a report of a stolen vehicle. Police located the stolen vehicle, being driven by the suspected thief. An attempt to stop the vehicle failed, and a pursuit ensued. The Chief says ultimately, the suspect drove the stolen vehicle into a parked vehicle, disabling the stolen vehicle. Saenz fled on foot. Officers found the suspect a short time later, hiding between vehicles in the rear of a restaurant. The Chief said the suspect physically resisted the officers attempt to arrest him. Officers used batons and a canine to detain the man. A resident posted what police say was an edited video of the situation and posted in on Social Media, where it became very popular. Saenz was taken to the El Centro Hospital, where he was treated for bruises and a dog bite. He was released from the hospital and cleared for booking. Chief Madueno requested an investigation of the incident by the County Sheriff’s investigations unit. He said the FBI conducted their own investigation. Both investigations have cleared the El Centro Police officers involved, determining the force used was warranted to subdue a combatitive, dangerous suspect.