(A Loaded Ultra-Light)…It was spotted early Sunday morning.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Agents observed the air craft fly over the international border fence from Mexico into the United States. The Ultra Light was flying without lights. Agents on the ground tracked the aircraft’s route and observed as it descended just north of Calexico before gaining altitude and flying back to Mexico. The agents also saw a white Volkswagen Jetta leave the immediate area. Border Patrol agents followed the vehicle to a parking lot near the intersection of Dogwood and Danenberg Roads. The agents questioned the two occupants of the vehicle. The agents subsequently discovered two large duffle bags in the vehicle. The two individuals were arrested and were taken to the Border Patrol station. Agents found 40 bundles in a duffle bag. The bundles contained methamphetamine, valued at around $119,400. They also found 17 packages of cocaine, valued at around $355,300. The suspects, both US citizens, the narcotics and the vehicle were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for further investigation