(Application denied)…But the county is not giving up.

The Imperial County Fire Department has received notice from the California Environmental Protection Agency of their denial of the Department’s application to become the Certified Unified Program Agency, or CUPA, for this area. Although the overall application was denied, in his letter Secretary Jared Blumenfeld informed the county that he directed the Department of Toxic Substances Control staff to develop a Participating Agency agreement with the County Fire Department to implement a portion of the program to demonstrate ICFD’s commitment and capacity in implementing the CUPA. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ryan Kelley said they would consider the agreement offer; however, they will still reapply for the entire CUPA. In addition, Kelley said they will seek legislative assistance from a member of the Assembly to support their efforts. Currently 56 of the 58 California Counties oversee their own regulatory issues related to hazardous waste and underground storage tanks. Only Imperial and Trinity County who operate under the DTSC.