(The IID Board of Directors will not be meeting this Tuesday)…The next Board meeting will be April 30th.

Next week the Imperial Irrigation District is sending a delegation to Sacramento to represent the District at the Local Government Policy Committee hearing on Assembly Bill 854. The Bill, drafted by Assemblyman Chad Mayes from Yucca Valley, calls for adding 6 members to the IID Board of Directors from the Coachella Valley who may not be IID ratepayers. The IID says it would create a bifurcated board and competing interests between the Imperial and Coachella valleys. The IID Board unanimously voted to oppose AB 854 in March, saying the bill would break up the IID, the low cost, non-profit power provider in the Imperial and Coachella valleys. The District has an active campaign to get residents and others to contact their legislators in Sacramento to oppose the bill. Several communities in the County have voted to back the IID in their efforts.