(Teen arrested for human smuggling)…It happened Monday evening.

At just before 8:00 pm Border Patrol agents operating a Remote Video Surveillance System reported several individuals were running north from the border towards Highway 98, about 16 miles east of Calexico. The individuals were seen boarding a vehicle and the vehicle headed east on the highway. Field agents responded and attempted to make a vehicle stop by activating their emergency lights and sirens. The driver of the suspect vehicle kept going at a high rate of speed. The driver continued for a few miles, and then made an abrupt u-turn and headed west on the highway. Agents deployed a Controlled Tire Deflation Device. The Device deflated three tires on the vehicle and forced it to stop. Agents arrested the driver and five other individuals. The driver told agents he was 16 years old and a United States citizen. The five passengers all told agents they were Mexican Nationals and were in the US illegally. The teen was processed for alien smuggling and turned over to Child Protective Services. The five passengers were processed for deportation.