(A Coronation in Holtville)….And…it was a Historical event.

For the first time in 72 years, the Queen of the Carrot Festival is not a resident of Holtville. The Coronation Committee this year decided to open up the competition to every young lady in the Valley. At the Coronation dinner Friday night at the Barbara Worth Resort, it was announced the 2019 Queen of the Carrot Festival was 17 year old Courtney Walker of Imperial. The Princess is 14 year old Daniella Contreras. The Junior Princess is 5 year old Brytni Valenzuela of El Centro. The Royal contingent will over-see a week of Carrot Festival events, culminating in the annual Parade next weekend. The Festival will wrap-up Sunday February 10th with the inaugural Wing Cook-off. It is a full week of family fun.