The President of San Diego State University has issued a statement confirming the use of the Aztec moniker.

According to President Sally Roush , The use of the Aztec identity is a source of pride for the collective majority of those who responded to surveys or volunteered their views. The presidents report to the University Senate follows the findings of the 2018 Task Force that was formed in response to a November 7, 2017 University Senate Resolution to Eliminate the Mascot and Form a Task Force to Investigate the Aztec Identity. The Task Force received information and input from many areas , including students and alumni. President Roush said in part that , " as a Federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution on the U.S. / Mexico border , SDSU will exert its unique capabilities to responsibly honor the many indigenous people of the region." While the use of the Aztec moniker will continue the Aztec Warrior will be retained but as a Spirit Leader , not a mascot. Roush said " In maintaining the Aztec moniker and embracing the Aztec Warrior as our Spirit Leader , our greatest challenge ahead is to acknowledge and be ever vigilant regarding the consequences of unintentional  disrespect. This will be accomplished through the creation of a governing authority , chaired by the president of the university and staffed by a dedicated coordinator.