( Be aware and take processions).... Temperatures will range from 112 to 120 through Friday.

The National Weather Service says temperatures will cool to around 110 degrees. They say 110 degrees is still hot enough to result in serious health issues. Be aware and be prepared. Stay hydrated and dress in light, loose fitting clothes if you go out doors during the day. Know where thee Cool Centers and Hydration stations are located. Several locations serve as a Cool Center and Hydration Station. They are Camarena Memorial Library, Heber Community Center, The County Library in Holtville, Holtville City Hall, The County Library in Calipatria, Imperial Valley Mall Food Court, Catholic Charities, Imperial Public Library County Fire Station #7 in Niland. Hydration Stations are at the Brawley Libraries on Main Street and the Del Rio Branch, and the Bombay Beach Community Center. A Cool Center at the  State Street Bus Stop in El Centro, where misters will be activated from 11 am to 8 pm every days