(IID to ake action to protect electric system and ensure safety)....The IID says they will soon be locking out non-compliant energy generating systems currently bringing in unknown sources of power into the IID system.

It is to ensure the safe operation of its electrical grid and curb significant risk to its field personnel. Imperial Irrigation District Energy Manager Matt Smelser says energy from unverified sources is eextremely dangerous and must be addressed immediately. He says IID crews work around the clock to deliver reliable energy, and knowing about all sources of power generation is critical. Unknown sources of generation endanger the crews, risking injury or death while they work on the lines. The district has identified over 370 electric meters in its service territory that are registering energy generation from souyrcess that have not been analyzed by the district, bypassing the proper interconnection process with IID. They say this oversight not only disrupt power management, but also poses signficant safety risks to field employees. They are urging customers who have non-compliant power generation systems to self-report. Notifications are being sent out, and they will soon be locking out non-compliant sources.