(A woman was entering the US illegally last week)....The woman was with a group at the time.

She used a ladder to climb the secondary fence about 2.7 miles west of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. That fence is about 30 feet high. The primary fence is north off the secondary fence. A border patrol agent arrived at the scene. He advised the woman to cross over to the primary fence and climb down, or to just climb down the secondary. fence. The woman began her decent but could only go so far. The agent radioed for assistance as the woman began yelling for help. The agent advised her help was on the way. The agent was notified by an individual at the scene that a ladder was being brought. A fire crew arrived but were unable to get the fire equipment through the gate to enter the space between the fences. The woman yelled she was losing her grip, and fell, striking the concrete base of the fence. She suffered a major injury to her head, and died before she could be transported to a hospital. The woman was a native of Guatemala.