(Sexually Violent Predator to be placed in rural Campo)...Alan Earl James was cleared Friday.

He was originally charged with victimizing several young children in the 1980"s. This is the second time James has been cleared to be placed in the community. In 2019, he was released from a state mental hospital and placed in a Jacumba home. However, he went back to treatment after he violated the terms of supervision. He was approved for release again in 2021. San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson, who represents East San Diego County, is asking that the current placement be postponed, while he works with the District Attorney's Office on plans to place James in a different residence, A San Diego Superior Court Judge has already signed off on a plan to let James live at 1138 Custer Road, less than a mile from a community park and a sheriff's substation. James will be placed at the Campo address on or before March 22. He will become the 7th sexually violent predator to be housed in a rural San Diego County community.