(Imperial Irrigation District has changes to the power bills)....They want everyone to know about them.

The IID has scheduled a series of workshop to explain the changes. The workshops will be held later this month. The first workshop will be held Tuesday February 20 at the City Council Chambers in Calexico. It will start at 3:30 in the afternoon. The following day, a workshop will be held at Condit Auditorium in El Centro. It will be available by livestream and playback at iid.com. Another workshop will be held Thursday February 22 at Hidalgo Hall in Brawley. There is a workshop on Monday February 26th at at the Mecca Community Center on Coahuilla Street starting at 5 pm. On Tuesday February 27 a workshop will be held in the IID Board room in La Quinta. The final workshop will be held on Thursday February 29th at the Indio Senior Center.