(DUI cases are reportedly on the increase in Imperial County)...District Attorney George Marquez has decided to do something to combat the trend.

The D.A. has obtained a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to support all DUI-related investigations and prosecutions. The District Attorney says the $132,000 grant will support prosecutors by providing them the necessary specialized training to effectively investigate and prosecute DUI cases. The grant will also support homicide cases where driving under the influence resulted in a fatality. Marquez has appointed Deputy District Attorney Fredrick Pollock to spearhead these cases in coordination with the California Highway Patrol. The D.A. says the reality is that every time someone drives a vehicle impaired, they risk not only there own lives, but the lives of every person who has proximity to their vehicle, both driver and pedestrian. Marquez says they intend to hold these people accountable for committing this offense