(Board of Supervisors to hold two meetings Tuesday)...There will be a regular weekly meeting in the morning.

In the evening, the Board holds an off-site meeting in Heber. During the Morning meeting, the Supervisors will be asked to adopt a resolution honoring Victor E. Legaspi for his 34 years of service with the Calexico Police Department and the Community of Calexico. There will be a presentation on the Children and Family Services Division of the Social Services Department. Public Works Director John Gay will have a few items on the agenda, including a request to purchase an Asphalt Paving Machine, and he will seek approval to purchase 20 new vehicles. The off-site meeting will be held at the Heber Community Center, beginning at 6 pm. During that meeting there will be presentation from the Public Works Director, County Fire Chief David Lantzer, Sherriff Fred Miramontes and County Librarian Mary Guerrero.