(Will AB 918 be vetoed?)....Or will the Governor sign the legislation into law?

We will have to wait and see. The bill was authored by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia. He says the bill allows for the creation of a single Healthcare District for Imperial County. The Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District says the bill did not include local input and does not include equal representation across the county. They, along with the Couynty Board Of Supervisors have sent letters asking the Governor to veto the Bill that was unanimously approved by the Assembly and State Senate. On the Other hand, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors voted this week to support AB 918. They, along with the Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District, have sent letters to the Governor asking that he sign the bill into law. The Assemblyman says his bill creates the foundation for a single Healthcare District, and he said it does include equal representation. Garcia said the Governor does read the letters sent concerning bills before him, but in this case, he is confident the Governor is aware of the urgency to create a single Healthcare District to continue to fill the healthcare needs of the residents of Imperial County.