U. S. Customs and Border Protection officers made two significant drug seizures over the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon at the Andrade port of entry , a CBP  canine team alerted to a small car driven by a 32-year old woman from Glendale , Arizona. During an intensive investigation 21 packages of methamphetamine was found concealed between the gas tank and a spare tire. The meth weighed 21 pounds and has a value of approximately $30,000.

On Sunday , at the Calexico West port of entry , a CBP officer detected inconsistencies with a 28-year old man's travel story and referred him and the SUV he was driving to secondary inspection. Using the port's imaging system 36 packages of methamphetamine was found concealed in all 4 tires. The narcotics weighed about 38 pounds and have a street value of about $53,000. 

Both drivers were arrested for alleged narcotic smuggling.