(Brawley Mayor Delivers the State of the City Address)....Mayor George Nava delivered the Address at the Stockman's Club Friday morning.

Participants were also served breakfast. The Mayor said there were currently over 26,000 residents in Brawley. The City has a budget of $55 million. Nava said city staff was at 135. He said there were 759 business licenses issued in the city. The median household income in Brawley has risen to $51,000. The Mayor highlighted several achievements in the city, such as installing fiber optic cables at Fire Station Number 2,. The finance department assisted 101 low income households access wireless programs and used a $126,000 federal grant to craft a payment arrangement for utility bills.. He also announced San Diego State University Brawley receiied $8 for a STEM facility through  State Assembly member Lisa Calderon.