(El Centro Police Department has a new member)....She has been officially introduced to the public.

Her name is Brinley. She is a 2 and a half year old Standard Poodle. Brinley is a highly trained emotional support dog and she is available for hugs and snuggles. She was originally trained as a guide dog for the blind. After several months of training, it became apparent that her calm and gentle temperament was better suited for emotional support. She was reassigned to Webb's K9 Training and became a certified Therapy Dog last month. She resides at the Police Department and is a part of the Department's wellness platform, their peer Support Team. Part of her job is to mitigate the effects of long-term stress. She provides comfort and support to the employees. Brinely will join the ECPD's team at various functions throughout the city. She will also be featured in the Departments Social Media platforms.