(Body recovered from a canal)…It was discovered about 7 miles east of the Downtown Calexico Port of Entry.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents say they were operating the Remote Video Surveillance System at around 9:18 at night when they saw a man waving his arms near the Briar canal near Barbara Worth Road. Agents responded to the location. They noticed the man was pointing into the canal at another individual. Agents attempted to make contact with the individual, but the man appeared unresponsive. The Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue team responded and were able to remove the man from the canal and attempted to administer first responder care. The man did not respond and it was determined he was deceased. It was determined the two individuals were siblings and citizens of Mexico attempting to illegally cross into the United States. The County Coroner’s office said the next of kin had not been notified and could not release the victim’s identity.