(Jason Jackson will not be going to jail)…Not yet anyway.

The El Centro City Councilman’s attorney was in Superior Court Thursday. The Judge ruled he would stay Jackson’s ten day jail sentence until after an appeal was decided. The defense attorney filed the appeal, claiming parts of the sentence was unconstitutional. Jackson had been sentenced to ten days in jail and formal probation after pleading guilty to a charge of animal cruelty in August. The felony charge was also reduced to a misdemeanor in August. The Formal Probation, which began in August, says Jackson can be searched at any time, he must relinquish his abused horse, he loses the ability to own any animal for five years, he must attend court ordered counseling for animal abuse, pay a maximum of $1,000 in court fines, and the ten days in jail. The judge’s stay Thursday was only for the jail time. No date was given for a decision of the appeal.