(The IID Board will hold two meetings next week)....The first meeting will be held Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm.

The second meeting will be the regular Bi-Weekly meeting on Tuesday. Both meetings will be in Condit Auditorium on Broadway in El Centro. During the first meeting, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors will be asked to adopt 11 separate Resolutions of Necessity, and that is it, with no information as to what a Resolution of Necessity is. The second meeting on Tuesday will begin public session at 1:00 pm with the presentation of service awards to 11 IID employees. The Board will also introduce the recipients of the 2022 IID College scholarship awards.. On the action agenda, the Directors will adopt positions on State Legislation. They will be asked to approve energy cost adjustment billing factors. The Directors will also be asked to adopt a resolution regarding the Equitable Distribution Plan.