(Special Town Hall meeting to be held Wednesday)…..It is being hosted by the El Centro Chamber of Commerce and El Centro Police Officers Association.

The meeting is to discuss and take public comment on Public Safety and Measure P funds. Measure P is the recently approved Sales Tax increase for the City. The El Centro City Council has said the funds resulting from the Tax Increase would be spent on a new library, police station and more parks. The Chamber and the Association says the funds should be put into an account to be used for future building and part of the money used to grow public safety and other quality of life programs. The Chamber and the Association say, as an example, a new police station would be nice, but the city needs to hire more police officers to occupy the station they already have. City Council members have been invited to participate in the Town Hall meeting, along with the general public. The Town Hall meeting will begin at 6:00 pm at Ryerson Hall/Desert Trails RV Park on Wake Avenue in El Centro.