(Locals helping all they can)…..Efforts are underway to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Thousands of Houston, Texas residents have been homeless because of the hurricane and resulting flooding. They are in need of everything. And, that is what the Brown Bag Coalition is sending them. The Calexico based charitable non-profit is taking donations all day, into the evening Thursday, to be sent to Houston Friday evening. Donations can be delivered to the Men’s Shelter, 545 Encinas Avenue in Calexico, and in El Centro they are accepting donations at 535 Desert Gardens. They are accepting everything, from toiletries, baby items etc. Maribel Padilla, one of the co-founders of the Brown Bag Coalition said on social media they would be sending bags and bags of clothes. The items will be shipped by a Brawley group also collecting donations for the victims in Houston.