(14 undocumented individuals)...They were taken into custody Sunday night.

A US citizen was also arrested. El Centro Border Patrol Sector Intelligence Unit agents observed an SUV that was demonstrating signs consistent with human smuggling, traveling through the Imperial Sand Dunes, east of Calexico. They followed the vehicle into the City of Yuma. Agents watched the vehicle stop at a storm drain near the railroad on Redondo Center Drive, where several people got out of the vehicle. The area is known for undocumented individual jumping onth commercial freight trains headed north. Due to the train's speed, agents did not pursue the individuals boarding the train. They continued to follow the SUV to a trailer home near Avenue C in Yuma. The agents maintained surveillance until around 9:30 pm when two individuals exited the residence and walked toward the suspect vehicle. As agents approached the two, they ran back towards the trailer, and the vehicle fled. The SUV eventually stopped at a deadend with the driver and a passenger fleeing on foot. The passenger was located and placed unter arrest. Agents entered the trailer and found 14 undocumented individuals. All the individuals were taken into cistody and transported to the Calexico Border Patrol station to be processed.